About Us

  Cooking became a passion at an early age. We grew up in Houma Louisiana, where we were heavily taught Cajun traditions, our Cajun culture, and the love to display our open hospitality and friendliness. Houma is about 50 miles southwest of New Orleans. We are famous for our Cajun food, swamps, swamp tours, charter boat fishing, Mardi Gras celebrations and more. As young kids growing up Down Da Bayou we were taught to fish and catch crawfish right in my grandma back yard. My cousins and I would sneak pieces of meat from my grandma fridge, buckets, strong long sticks and string, then go to the backyard and catch our dinner. Grandma would always fuss bout being safe (there were alligators back there) then commend us and prepare what we caught. Now as the owner of Cajun Cousins, I naturally bring to Georgia my deep-rooted Cajun Bayou traditions that I now can share with others who are from different parts of the world.